Stream Fields
An offshoot of experiments in rendering electric field lines, this program draws a picture then saves it to a file when the user quits. By holding down the mouse, the image will be rendered differently.
This program is interesting but not interactive. The spirals are generated by an L-system. The smoke effect is achieved through certain cellular automata rules.
Evolutionary Things
One of the more involved things I've made, this application models asexual evolution of two dimensional, physically simulated creatures. The package also contains an evolutionary tree viewer.
This program was my senior year physics final project and also the first physics model I made using Verlet integration rather than the Euler method.
An animation and a screensaver at one point. If you hold the mouse down, the jellyfish will sort of float in that direction. This is the extent of the interactivity.
My first and only real game. Phyta was born out of long high school bus rides and my desire to be like those cool kids over at thatgamecompany. Level 5 is the last level, by the way.